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Free Research Sources

As promised folks here is my list of Free research sources for Irish names.

    1. 1911 Census of Ireland 
    2. Family Search 
    3. Person Page
    4. National Library of Ireland 
    5. County Council records e.g. Wexford County Library
    6. Landed Estates Records
    7. National Archives (not online)
    8. Landowners in Ireland in 1876
    9. Griffiths Valuation
    10. British Parliamentary Papers
    11. Landowners of 1 acre and upwards 1876
    12. Trees family data 
    13. Find my Past (14 day free trial)
    14. National Archives
    15. Ireland Genealogy Projects
    16. List of Other resources
    17. Find a Grave
    18. is another great site


There are very many subscription sites available online also and the rates are not prohibitive.

This is a source of information for anyone trying to find information about their US relatives

For brief general family name histories McLysaght’s Irish Families and More Irish Families are very useful books.


Have a look at this video

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